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So what is a Management System ?

A Management System as such can be described as an attempt to systematically address those risks identified by a business. A management system describes the set of processes and standards an organisation subscribes to in order to meet its objectives, in our case quality, health, safety and environmental management.

Generally this helps an organisation assure the likes of the regulator, shareholders, boards, committees employees and the public, that the organisation has defined what processes are in place to ensure that risk related activities are taking place in a planned and known environment. Our Management Systems are tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring they are dynamic, easily integrated with other Management Systems and will add value.

So what is a Systematic Approach ?

A Systematic Approach is a structured approach to getting a particular outcome. In most cases organisation's have a “way of doing things”, its generally just not documented. The benefits of documenting policies and procedures in any size company are endless. One key benefit to a systematic approach ensures everyone is clear about how things are done and who does what. Some refer to it as accountability.

So what benefits does having a Management System do for me ?

 That's easy, there are plenty of positives that come with implementing a Management System, these include:


  • More efficient use of resources and improved financial performance

  • Improved risk management and protection of your people and the environment

  • Reduction in injuries and injury-related costs by effectively preventing injuries

  • Increased capability to deliver consistent and improved services and products, increasing value to customers and other stakeholders

  • Improving business opportunities through the third party accreditation schemes available

  • Providing measurable systems that can verify performance

  • Demonstrating that your organisation is meeting their legal requirements

  • Enhancing your organisation's reputation

  • A better understanding of your customer / client / consumers needs

  • An improved internal culture towards Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management

  • Provides effective communication protocols for reporting and collating information.

What are our values?

Our values underpin our commitment to educate industries on good work practice and risk management. They are embedded into our culture, providing a fundamental direction to the way we work.


We build long-term relationships with our clients to ensure we work towards a common set of goals that achieves results. Together as one team, we are stronger.


We are specialists in our work and use a combination of experience, technology and innovation to provide reliable and trusted solutions.


We help our clients build high-performing working environments and implement the resources to set them apart from their competition.

How do we do it?

Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental management is a shared accountability, as well as an individual responsibility. We cooperate with all our stakeholders to achieve our objectives and emphasise the requirement to comply with our practices across the business at all times.

Together we work towards creating a better work environment.

Our consultants work as a team with our clients. We are responsive and collaborative in the way we work. We are often seen as very much a part of our clients’ teams – whether working at the forefront donning a uniform or autonomously in the background to get the job done. We are invested in the success of our clients’ businesses and responsive to issues. If problems arise, we can be on call 24/7 and provide the right level of support in a timely manner.